How to attract new graphic design customers and keep the old ones coming through.


We all love to see big fat paychecks rolling in, some of us even deserve them from moment to time, but what makes a customer keep handing over the readies again and again and how can you, as a lowly graphic artist, between a sea of similarly unidentifiable no-marks, expect to win new graphic design or website design contracts? Learn more about my friends as we give you insider information to empower you to swindle your fellow countrymen in this never-ending rat race.

A bright smile doesn’t cost anything.

Look back over the past week or so to see if you can recall someone giving you the time of day in the driveway, a quick ‘good morning’ or a happy smile from a stunning stranger as you walk about your everyday routine. Didn’t that happen? Why? Why? Since you have a face like a bag of rubber bands, you’re wandering around as sad as hell, and you’re giving away bad vibes. In short, the entire crappy operation smells.

And how are we going to turn things around? Next time you have a new customer in the office for a chat, go up to them and place a huge sticky kiss on their forehead. You never know they could turn around and sign a major five-digit graphic design deal.

Graphic design isn’t just about money.

Even the old adage “wolf” is for life—not just for Christmas bells that are chillingly real. If you’ve ever thought or attempted suicide on the grounds that your customers have been leaving in a crowd and the only daily graphic design companies task that you’ve won in the last 3 months is a flyer design for ‘disco Stu’s’ 70’s night down in the local church on a Wednesday night, maybe it’s about time you found yourself square in the mirror and found out why. Poor air, huh? Crooked teeth, huh? inability to stop rubbing your privates in public? No, the only reason your customers are leaving you high and dry is that you’re too mean.

Put in a few freebies, give your customer a lovely lasagna dinner for two, buy them a little treat. Any curry favor that doesn’t smash the bank is worth its weight in cash. And that’s a matter of truth, actually fans!

Dress to impress.

Anyone who was someone in the eighties will recall ‘power dressing.’ 6-inch stiletto boots, shoulder pads mounted on stun and low cut tops with peephole bras. Today, the major businessmen are hesitant to go back to cross-dressing to win the essential contract and choose to go down the tried and tested path of wearing boring gray slacks and loafers. Know that Elton John didn’t get where he was by looking like a child next door.

Brainstorm your designs until you go crazy.

If you can’t find out why you’re wasting money hand over fist, because your graphic design customer base has dried up a thin wafer-like a crust, get your squad involved and break those skulls! Often the best ones that can warn you when you’re going wrong are the scared and hateful workers. Jim was sitting there scanning to feed his anger for not satisfying his life for the last 10 years.

Using him-got he’s a brain up there, isn’t he? Margaret the lady who comes to the workplace to sell sandwiches-again, will she be put to better use sitting in the spare room paid to dream up a business plan to take back the competing clients. When you don’t stop and think again until it hurts. Remember your future is on the line right here. Overall, note that ‘skull-cracking’ is fun, and if a couple of eggs split in the process, well, that’s life in a fast lane pal.

Don’t just sit there and vegetate always Delegate.

At some point, we’ve all done it. Have to deal with when our world is falling apart, try to juggle the budgets, the graphic design job you’ve got in, and try to get the web design for beginners to create ends of beef. Here’s a tip, man. Don’t bother about it. That’s right, you’ve learned. Analysis has proven that sleeping on it is the fastest way to solve a dilemma or circumstance. When you’ve just got a reservoir full of time to hit the pillow and forget about it. Take it easy, sit back, grab a bottle. It doesn’t feel good. Don’t neglect to always have someone at your fingertips to cut the slack when you’ve missed the story.

A right-hand man is somebody who’s going to unload trouble at a moment’s notice and then slink back to the chair secure in the knowledge that he’s definitely not going to leave his job any time soon with a new kid at home and a mortgage dangling off his shoulders. So many graphic design administrators really don’t know when to delegate the task. Remember Homer Simpson’s immortal words, ‘If a job is worth doing well, don’t bother’.


Yeah, now you’re armed with some useful insider information to get stuff back on the right track. Don’t mess things up, because you’re just going to be great. Then get out there and nail that.


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