Brand and packaging design.


Packaging is a world of distinction. It may be the same thing, but with a different package, customers go crazy! Freelance Graphic Designer who usually designs such branding including packaging designs, considers herself a target of her own trade.

Product packaging significance.

“This is the same old tissue, sweetheart. It doesn’t make a significant difference, okay?” “It’s all going to work the same way,” my exasperated mom hissed in my ear as I picked up some “designer” tissue cartons. Design tissues! Ooooh, can you really hear me say that to you? I can’t imagine that I really wrote “designer tissue.” Yeah, yeah, for a graphic designer pretoria writer who understands all about the kind of work involved in packaging and naming products, I’m sure he fell for it. Any of the hoopla It’s the shenanigans. Suck ’em in with a decent copy and a fab paint combination. ‘ Oh, I’m already a customer. Mind that. I have the right to fall for pretty packaging. I do have the right to be alive.

Uniqueness and difference in packaging.

They have the ‘nature addict’ packaging, the ‘fruitful’ packaging, the ‘woman on the go’ packaging, and afterwards the ‘kids’ packaging. I picked up four of each concept kit and made a grab for the counter with my shouting kids and exasperated mom chasing behind me in slow motion. It was surely a ‘die-hard’ moment. You remember, when the hero runs away from a bunch of crazy bad guys with machine guns, then they fire at your feet or something… then there’s an explosion behind you… then everything happens at sssllloooowwww mmmoooottttiiiiooonnnn.

Package design makes all the difference.

Ok, in this situation, I ran to try out the packets of tissue paper with fancy packaging designs on them. If I didn’t like the package designs that much, I’d find it humorous enough. But seriously, I’m dead. In fact, after using all the tissues in the packets, I liked the package designs so much that I would cut out the designs and put them in my ‘must hold the guide’ transparent folder. I don’t keep a lot of things in there because I’m pretty particular with the designs that I prefer, but those packaging designs make the cut. They sure did so.

Planning your package design.

You know, this is the kind of stuff that happens when you make an effort to plan your packaging. Yeah, we’ve all got this in the back of our minds. “Hey, this is the packaging! It’s when the Internal counts. They’re trying to THROW free from the Wrapping. So, why do you waste so much money on packaging? “Maybe you’re still considering the money will go towards creating higher quality goods… quicker delivery solutions… or maybe the money will go towards spending future buyers on lavish dinners in Italian restaurants. It’s your decision, really, really.

Attracting customers through your product branding design.

But that’s all I have to tell you, as a graphic designer and a customer. The more work you make to build your packaging, the more consumers can avoid looking at the packaging or what’s inside the package. Now, would it make sense for me to suggest now that the odds of attracting them to purchase your stuff rise as they stop to take note of your packaging? It’s exactly.

Draw the attention and customer interest.

You see, the the significance of packaging material is to draw the interest of the customer. But without an electrifying packaging, customers can stroll by the heaps and heaps of other competitive goods… and yours… without even understanding that you’re there! Your stuff is out there on a shelf for goodness’ sake, and the only weapon you’ve got is to get a pretty box. You’ve won first round until they pause to take a look.

You know what? just think about it, man!


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