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10 Awesome ways to make your poster stand out.

A flyer is a cheap and highly efficient way to attract your interest in a very crowded marketplace. How are you going to make your poster stand out in the crowd? Here are several methods that experienced artists use to produce awesome flyers.

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4 Important points in company branding.

Brand identity is little more than just a logo design and a picture or a known name. It’s the mutual experience of a person with a product or service of a business. A brand is the general perception of a corporation or commodity created over time by an individual.

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5 Absolute graphic design errors – incidents that can be stopped at all times for graphic designers.

With too many young graphic designers emerging from a background in web design, the transition from web design to conventional print design will bring a multitude of design defects with it. Photos supplied at 72 dpi and crunched down to load easily on a website will replicate so poorly in print that you can get away with tiny thumbnails, but your luck will be pushed by blowing it up to some appreciable scale.

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What is a brand style guide?

What is a brand style guide? This is a manual describing the features of a brand. It describes all the features that make up the visual identity of the company, such as the logo design, logo color and brand name … Read more