Brochure Design

A brochure is an informative paper sheet that can be folded into some kind of template, booklet, or leaflet (often often used for advertising). A collection of similar unfolded papers placed in a pocket folder or box may also be a brochure. Brochures are advertising materials mainly used to present a company, goods or services and to remind potential clients or public at large of the benefits.

Brochure design by WL Creationx in Pretoria

Brochure design for Leroi Funerals

Brochure helps marketers to incorporate a personalized feel without hindering one-on-one contact.

Brochure design company in pretoria

Sebako Interiors Brochure layout

Whether you want to distribute the same, hold it in an exhibition stall or show it in a reception room, distribution of these kind of foldable brochure is hassle-free.

3 fold brochure design company in pretoria

Lapis RSA brochure design

Provides companies with a clean slate to articulate themselves regarding products/services and special offers.

Our Pricing List

If you are interested in advertising your business using either a Bi-fold or Tri-fold brochure, please see our price list for our brochure design.

Bi-Fold Brochure


There are much larger bi fold brochures than that of the tri fold, which opens up a lot of imaginative possibilities. The bi fold brochure contains just one fold, unlike the tri fold, so they allow larger or more photographs to be used without disrupting their usefulness with a crease. The images cover either one of the panels or either of the panels, as you can see in the illustration above.
There are also several pictures blocked from around text in some cases. Their elegance would have been overshadowed if they had been worn down by more than one seam.

Tri-Fold Brochure


They are not only incredibly cost-effective, they folds up neatly into a slim, lightweight size that can normally fit into pockets even a¬†legal envelopes of normal size. But when they’re totally opened up, instantly all of the knowledge inside is clear. Tri folds brochure racks are easy to hand out and view.

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