5 Crucial rules in website design

Choosing the best website design company in Gauteng When it comes to the website design, special care should be given to any minute aspect to ensure that it does the utmost to fulfill its purpose. Here are seven significant thumb laws to follow to ensure sure your website is running well.

1. Don’t use flush pages for your site.

Flush or splash pages are the first pages you’ll see when you get to the website. They usually have a really pretty photo with words like “welcome” or “click here to enter” In reality, they’re just that—beautiful vases with no real reason. Don’t let your guests have a reason to press the “back” button! Please send them the importance of your website up front without the splash page.

2. Do not use unnecessary banner ads.

Even just the least net-savvy people have conditioned themselves to disregard banner ads, so you’re going to waste precious website real estate. Instead, offer more useful content and tie the related partner links to your content, and make your guests know they want to purchase instead of being forced to buy.

3. Have an easy and direct website page navigation.

You ought to have a clear and easy-to-use navigation menu to a point that even a small child learns how to use it. Keep away from complex Flash-based menus or multi-tiered drop-down menus. If your guests don’t know how to navigate, they’re skipping your web.

4 Provide a good indication of where your user is while navigating on your site.

When tourists are thoroughly engrossed in searching the web, you’ll want to make sure they know which section of the site they’re in at the time. They would be able to quickly search the appropriate information or navigate to some part of the site. Don’t confuse your guests, because misunderstanding means leaving the boats!

5 Do not use audio on your Website

If your user sticks on your site for a long time, reading your material, you’ll want to be certain they’re not disturbed by the audio looping on and on your website design. If you plan on adding audio, make sure they do have control over it—volume or muting controls will work perfectly.


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